3. Give 3 example programs as stated below. For each program: Document the purpose of program and its expected input and output. Produce an example of its execution.

State clearly the input used in the execution and the output produced.

a. One that you can steal, but you can read, understand and explain. Make this program a typical program for the language application.

b. Write one that is "representative" of the language application area. Provide its specification, along with its imple- mentation.

c. Write a program allows the user to manipulate information for a group of cars. Make the group contain at least 5 different type of cars. The information of a car includes make, model, year, price. Users can add a new car, delete a car or modify information of an exiting car. Produces two sorts: the first in increasing order by year. The second in decreasing order by price. The sort must be implemented using quick sort or any O(n log n) sorting algorithm.